Coleen Make Up Artist.

Working with Coleen is great. She really pushes her business and works really hard to make it grow! When she asked us to be a part of her journey, we just couldn't say no. Coleen wanted a full brand designed up that would take her business to the next stage.

We drew up a few logo idea's and themes, and very quickly we realised the feel that Coleen really wanted to go with. We began to place logo's on images that we both thought would suit her style and feel of business.

Coleen Make Up Artist Logo Black

We then rolled out stationary for Coleen - this involved UV Spot printed business cards, as well as UV Spot printed gift cards & appointment cards. The picture below is from Coleens Instagram account showing off her incredibly stunning bits of stationary.


It was such a great project and we are so happy that we could have been a part of it. Thanks Coleen. Wishing you all the best in this new venture.