Gray's Communications

This was a real fun job, as I got to link up with an old friend from school. Chris was starting his advertising business, based out of the Catalyst Inc. building in Derry. We began with a few small design pieces for his customers, flyer's, posters and banners. After we developed these for his customers, Chris asked me to brand his new company. 

Knowing Chris, he is very involved with his customers, he looks after them really well, and loves to help them deliver their idea's. I began jotting down different words to sum this up - and the word that stuck out was 'covered'. In my head, I even made up a tag, Chris has you covered. As cheesy as it sounds, this is what lead to the final logo design. 


Gray's was covering 'communications' like an umbrella, showing you that Chris has all your communicational needs covered. With a simple colour scheme of Black, Grey & White, we set out to develop his stationary.


For social media purposes, we then put together a stunning business card card mock up for social media.