RoCo Brew Bar

We think it need's to be said - we would do anything for a good cup of coffee. Most graphic designer's would, especially graphic designer's in derry, as good coffee is hard to come by in the city. So when we heard that one of the best looking hair salon's in Derry get in touch saying that they would like to expand their hair salon, and START A COFFEE SHOP - you can be sure, we will be there.

RoCo as a brand is really established throughout the town, so we wanted to keep everything similar so that people know that the new coffee shop is connected.

We decided on our consultation together, to keep the original RoCo logo and work around it designing both a logo for the coffee shop.


We began throwing around coffee shop names, however the one that stuck was 'Brew Bar' - RoCo Brew Bar. We really loved the ring to that. We began researching third wave coffee shop's and their branding. 


When the guys at the Brew Bar finalised their logo - we decided to push out the brand, taking on stationary, sandwich labels, drink labels & menu's.

Once we had on the brand and how we wanted things to look, we decided to go and make a website so that it would be accessible online.