North Coast Tuition

With the same passion we have for helping new start up's develop their brand, we also have for working along side new businesses. In this case we worked alongside a new marketing company based in the North Coast, called Ignite.

They approached Stag & Stone with a new rebrand project. Rebranding is great fun, but can be challenging. You deal with a company who already have an established presence in the high street or market place. They are then trusting you to further develop them, bringing their current consumer base with them, as well as leading them into a new audience. 

Paul, from Ignite, sent us the current logo and business card to start our process.

Teach tuition rebrand derry northcoast

For us, at Stag & Stone, we love to keep things simple. So we were excited to help bring 'Teach Causeway Tuition' on board. We had then been informed during our consultation with Ignite, that the company also wanted to change their name from Teach Causeway Tuition, to North Coast Tuition. 

We began our research process on Tuition companies, and different school's etc who specialise in tuition. We also further researched the 'North Coast' - finding out if there was anything we could incorporate into the identity.


We designed a few really simple versions of the logo, the first one represented a stick of rock - if you don't know what a stick of rock is, firstly, you're missing out, secondly its a hard sweet/candy bar shaped as a long cylinder, it also has writing on the inside which goes the whole way through the bar. The North Coast has a huge range of costal town's and villages, and a stick of rock is a regular souvenir from all the shop's found on the beach front.

On the second theme we created the pencil to represent, obviously a pencil, but as well as that, it is shaped like the stones found at the Giants Causeway. A very famous landmark found along the North Coast of Ireland. 

The Final Logo

The client loved the stick of rock theme, and wanted to push forward with that, however then decided that they wanted to bring in a bold colour to it. After researching colours, we found that people who like the colour orange meant that 'They get great satisfaction from helping others.' Sounded good to us - orange it was. We added that to the logo, and sent the final piece to the customer. 


The customer also wanted to have a single sided business card so that they could give it to customers and potential future students. Getting all the information onto a single side business card can sometimes prove tricky, but we are really happy with how the NCT cards turned out.


To further showcase the logo, we place together a mock up and shared through our social media.

North Coast Tuition Mockup Stag and Stone Design