Michael Deery Hair

We loved working with Michael and Lauren on this project. It's very flattering when a client trusts you completely and gives you full reign of their rebrand. I had spent some time with Michael and Lauren during our free consultation. I was able to gauge an idea of their dream brand from this meeting. We began to do research on high-end hair salons, and make up artists throughout the world. We wanted to see what attracted people to these places over other salons which maybe situated on the same street. 

We then met together and shortlisted the selection of logo's down to two.


Michael Deery Hair, Derry Designer, Company Branding, Low Cost Pricing

The first idea was to have a single logo for both Michael and Lauren to use - and to be under the 'HAIR & BEAUTY' - however Michael and Lauren decided that they preferred to have separate logo's. Having settled on the signature themed logo - we rolled that out over both names.


Once we had these logo's finalised we moved onto stationary and store signage. We drew up a few mockup's of what they both wanted.


After drawing up a few mock ups, we all knew that our simplistic sign's had huge effect. When we spoke to our Sign Maker, we finalised materials and timescales.