Claire Hughes Dental

When we where approached about rebranding The Waterside Dental, we had our consultation with Dr. Claire Hughes and seen her desire for a clean, high end brand.


We began to do our research into different high end dental surgeries - how they displayed and presented themselves. We began to draw up numerous logo's and colour schemem idea's.

When we decided on our theme and logo, we began to push it out over their brand and advertising.

After we did the advert's and the themes we wanted to roll out - we began on the stationary. Stationary is something that we love designing here at Stag & Stone - we just love it. We began to roll out the business cards, appointment cards, flyers, pens and envelopes.

After completing the stationary side of things, we then looked at signage and vinyls for inside the practice. We had some real fun with these - our favourite are the privacy window vinyls across the practice managers windows.

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